Damn You Weezer

I can not get pork and beans out of my god dammed head. GAAAHHH!!

I again watched the Stanley Cup Finals last night, but unlike last time they ended at the agreed upon time, and in plenty of time for me to watch The Daily Show and Colbert. I think I’m back to watching those two shows every night now, damn they are hilarious. But yeah, about hockey, I agree with Deadspin’s feelings, i don’t really watch much hockey, but i think the Stanley Cup is awesome. I mean, the Pen’s fans all stayed around, after their team lost, to watch the trophy presentation. And they (mostly) cheered. Wow! Also, this video is still super cool. Congrats all around to Detroit for winning, and three cheers for not dropping and breaking it either.

My iPod has been unkind to me lately when I have it on shuffle. I mean, three Longspur songs in one day? Old song ideas from the guitarist of the band i used to be in recorded on garage band? Journey, lots and lots of Journey? I mean, come on, I’m quite simply not in the mood for this shit and I would appreciate it if you would stop. I was even considering doing a random 10 ish song thing, but I’m afraid of the consequences. I could always just say I have it on there in case I need music for a soundtrack (thanks for the excuse!)

Pandora has been conspiring against me as well. I don’t want to listen to The Killers every other song. It gets quite annoying.

It upsets me that when you google pizza, Pizza Hut is the first (non-sponsored) hit. I mean, come on, that’s not really pizza. I do still want to go on that Pizza Tour, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t stop at a Pizza Hut. True story: one time me and my roommates wanted to get that Oreo’s Dessert Pizza thing, so we called up Pizza Hut to order it. When we asked for it there was a 10 seconds pause, and the lady finally said “that’s Dominoes sir.” You could chalk that up to us being stupid, or you could chalk it up to bad branding by Dominoes.

I want to know one thing Gawker. Why, when you told me about IFC’s Young American Bodies, did you not include NSFW anywhere in your post? I mean yeah, there was this:

Below is the second episode, which begins with a dangling dick and ends in a smirk-worthy sad-sack moment.

But you should no I don’t actually read what you write past getting the general gist of, “it’s good, watch it.”
It is by the way, and you should. Its definitely mumblecore to the max, but its still really good. You should check it out. (NSFW…like at all, not even close) See how easy that was!  I even linked to the definition in case people don’t know!


2 Responses to “Damn You Weezer”

  1. pork and beans has been stuck in my head for days! it’s very annoying.

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