This Blog Has More Influence Than I Realized

Remember yesterday when I complained about my iPod and Pandora and how they werescrewing with me while I tried to listen to some tunes?

Well apparently both are readers of this blog, and have agreed to actually do things correctly. To thank Pandora I provided a link, because that site is fucking awesome (and because I’ll definitely direct huge amounts of traffic there). To thank my ipod…RANDOM SONG TIME!

The Shins – Caring Is Creepy

What? I really liked Garden State. Interestingly enough, this song can come up twice, because I have the Garden State soundtrack as well as The Shins’ album that this song came from. For those of you scoring at home, this is from the album, not the soundtrack.

Green Day – American Idiot
Remember before this album came out and Green Day wasn’t the biggest band in the universe? My friends brother was actually abroad when this came out, and when he came back he asked his brother what was going on in the music world. My friend replied that Green Day was, in fact, the biggest thing in America. His brother thought he was joking.

Sleep Station – Elena

This is from an awesome EP that you (at least used to be able to) download from their website. It was called Von Cosel, which is the creepiest shit ever. Just click that link. ::shudders::

Coheed and Cambria – in Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth: 3

Coheed is fucking out of this world man. I get so damn confused about what the hell they are singing about. I may have told this anecdote before, but who gives a shit. The first time I saw Coheed was at Warped Tour, and I didn’t have a damn clue what they looked like. The guitarist/singer Claudio was wearing a hat, and during one of the first songs there was a breakdown. He knocked his hat out, and this head of hair popped out. It was insane.

The Smiths – William, It Was Really Nothing

I was given Louder Than Bombs at some point in high school. I enjoyed listening to it, and still do when i’m in the mood (to get depressed). My Freshman year of college for some reason, i kept meeting people that really liked the song, Asleep by the them. I thought it was cool and would talk to them about it, but I had no idea why so many people liked that song so much but no other Smiths songs. Then I read this. Oh.

Saves the Day – See You

Saves the Day is fucking amazing. I can’t stress this enough. So instead of stressing it i’ll post the video for a completely different song:

Blink 182 – Feeling This

I realized on my birthday last Friday that I had received Dude Ranch as a gift on my 13th birthday. I have been listening to Blink for 13 years. That, to me, is crazy. I get more depressed than I care to admit over the fact that they broke in such a manner. That +44 song makes me a little bit sad. However, the fact that they released that song on Tom’s 30th birthday is sorta bad ass in a “hey, you’re a dick!” kinda way.

Taking Back Sunday – A Decade Under the Influence

I really liked this video when I first saw it. Like a lot. For no good reason either. Its really simple and plain, but for whatever reason I liked it. Then, the song got stuck in my head so I had to download it. It still gets stuck in my head:

The Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

This is a reaaaallllly fucking good album.  But I’m pretty sur everyone already knows that.  For a while I used to go to sleep listening to the Smashing Pumpkins on shuffle.  I did this for like a month, and for as good as they are, I was fucking depressed.  I think it may have spawned the current pop-punk phase I am on right now.

The Blood Brothers – Wolf Party

The Blood Brothers are out of their god dammed minds, and it is fucking awesome.  Sophomore year I was listening to them at my desk.  My roommate came back and sat at his desk. He sat their for a minute listening to what I had on, turned and said “that is easily the craziest shit you have ever had on.”  It actually probably wasn’t, but there was a clear undertone to that statement.   That was “please turn that off before i kill you.”


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