I’m Baaacck

Hey There,

So i never got that other post up for you, sorry about that.

Well how about I tell you what I did this weekend.  As I mentioned, my brother came to the city Friday night. We went to this place, and it was pretty fun. At one point a brawl broke out over a beer pong game, which is the most useless thing ever.  Literally every person we met at the bar thought my brother was the older one tho, that started to get to me a little bit.  But whatever

The big day was Saturday.  Remember when I mentioned I was going to the Belmont Stakes?  Did you see who won the race?  Da’ Tara won at 38-1 odds!  Well, I put four dollars on that horse to win.  I let you do the math, but lets just say i returned on my investment (WOOO HOOOO!!)

But yeah, I’m sorta out of it today.  I’ll try to come up with something clever and awesome for later, but I make no guarantees.


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