I’m Going To Be Original

And complain about the god dammed heat!

Holy crap it is fucking hot outside.  I’ve retreated to Connecticut for the time being, at least until midweek when the temperature comes down a little bit.  I have a feeling I know where my paycheck is going this week. (hint: AC)

It has been absolutely brutally hot.  Yesterday I was on a train car with no A/C to boot.  I got that gross back sweat thing that you get on cheap leather train seats on the metro-north.  it fucking sucked a lot.

My mom is a substitute teacher, and got out early yesterday and today because the schools in town are having “hot days.”  Its like, way to hot.

Thats all I can really add to this discussion.  That it is too hot for people to exist right now.  Everyone should get the next two weeks off so we can go to the beach and tan get badly burned.


2 Responses to “I’m Going To Be Original”

  1. deutlich Says:

    man.. it’s days like this I WISH i was still in school so I could play hookie and fuck around on the internets


  2. wishmewell Says:

    oh man, if i was still in school i would probably be in shorts half cocked from 40’s on the lawn

    it would be wonderful

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