Can’t Top That

Not even if i thought really hard about an idea for like twenty whole minutes would I be able to come up with an idea this good.  Fom Zombie Fights Shark, its a series on shots!  Here’s his take on the Kamikaze:

Kamikazes – There was this weird period of my life… like, 2002 to 2004… where every bar that I went to was offering two-for-one Kamikaze shots each and every night and towards the end it SERIOUSLY started to creep me out. Because why Kamikazes? And why every single bar, including the ones that regularly let homeless guys use the bathrooms to take hobo showers and air out their socks? That being said, Kamikaze shots are okay. It’s mostly vodka and lime juice with a little bit of triple sec thrown in so girls will drink them and then take their shirts off. I mean, otherwise why would they put it in there (triple sec is pointless)? Anyway, bars in the greater NYC area seem to have finally calmed down with the whole “foisting Kamikazes on the general public” thing, or at least I’ve stopped noticing it if it’s still going on. Still, though… what was that all about? Does the Twilight Zone employ bartenders?

Awesome.  I, for a while there, seemed to go out with groups of girls all the time (maybe it’s because i’m devilishly handsome) but I wound up doing many of these shots.  I became convinced they didn’t have alcohol because I could do so many, apparently I just have the tolerance of a rhino tho.  But yeah, go read the entire piece on shots, and any others that may show up.   Because honestly, without shots, I would probably have to pay people to talk to me up front.  They act like a middle man.


2 Responses to “Can’t Top That”

  1. I don’t drink very often, but a Kamikaze shot is something I wouldn’t be opposed to trying at all. I’d probably be done after that one, but I want to try it at least.

  2. When at parties or at the bar, I pretty much stick to shots. The usual situation waking up in the morning is wondering what I did to screw up my back and who the fuck is the chick laying next to me. I should back off a bit before getting out of college.

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