Well That Sucks For Someone

Had a funny experience on metro north this morning.

After we pulled out of South Norwalk the conductor came on the loudspeaker to make an announcement.

He said:

If…uhhh, you got on at South Norwalk and….uhh, you own a yellow BMW you forgot to…uhh…put your parking break on. It…umm…rolled, so if that sounds like your car you should definitely get off at Stamford and go back to deal with it. Uhh…yeah, i can’t say more, just that you definitely need to deal with it.

Am I wrong in assuming that this dude’s car definitely rolled off the parking garage? I mean, that has to be what happened right? Assuming no one was killed, that is fucking hysterical. Yeah, it sucks for that guy, but still, that kinda shit only happens in movies.

Well whatever, this video seems relevant, kinda:

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