I didn’t wanna have the depressing tim russert post on top for the whole weekend.

i’m on the train home now, which is stupid. I always bring a bag to work even tho I don’t technically need one. I should just fill it with crackers I guess.

anyway, I now have to go all the way home just to drop off my bag and turn back right around. i’m an idiot.

should be a fun night tho. I actually made some plans. I actually made like four sets of plans in my last two hours of work, so now I have carte blanche.

I don’t like blogging on my phone because I can’t look up if I used that right. oh well.

happy friday! see you next week! drink up and be merry


2 Responses to “weekender”

  1. […] my bag that I don’t really need but take with me every day because I like to feel important.  Yeah, it fits my computer perfectly.  Like, fucking perfectly.  Like, I am pretty sure that […]

  2. I was just wondering how you blog from your phone… My friend has a blackberry and wants to blog from it, but not connect to the internet… is that possible, as far as you’re aware?

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