Doing My Civic Duty

Of redirecting everyone to Part 2 of lets do some shots at Zombie Fights Shark and an excerpt on Jager, my shot of choice as of late.

JagermeisterA lot of people regard Jager as an evil drink and I must concede… they have a point. Weird, herbal, like something from off an old shelf in a castle in the Dark Ages, it has been known to cause doughy, middle-management types to behave like Kimbo Slice, challenging bouncers to fist fights that predictably end with their neckties securely knotted to the bumper of a moving SUV. Shots of Jager can also… and this I’ve seen with my own eyes… make a twenty year old girl vomit up a full Mexican combo platter in a manner so spectacular that it defies all description (think “explosion at the chili factory” and you’re mostly there). However, despite all this evidence of it’s wicked ways, I have exceedingly pleasant memories of Jagermeister and they all stem from one very unusual evening spent drinking shot after shot after shot of the stuff with the father of an old roommate. He was a German immigrant, and he showed up at our apartment to visit his daughter with a full bottle of Jager in tow; gotta love that kind of foresight. We stayed up most of the night, drinking and chatting and building bridges between our cultures and only going to sleep when it became clear that the evening was about to devolve into the singing of our respective National Anthems. I don’t remember a lot of what was said that night (because, obviously), but I do know that it has forever cemented in my heart the wonder and the glory that is Jagermeister. It heals, kiddos. It is magic. But seriously though, be careful with that shit; it will sneak up on your ass like a Bed-Stuy mugger.

Hehe…awesome. Plus, i did get snuck up on by a Bed-Stuy mugger once. The Jager was actually less surprising


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