Some Stray Thoughts

After watching the Celtics beat the Lakers to clinch the NBA Championship I realized something. I will (probably) never have the feeling that the players had last night. I don’t think I’ll ever have the feeling of being the best of the best at what I do. Even if I do wind up winning something, I highly doubt it’ll be on National television (even though i have a secret desire to win an Emmy/Oscar/Golden Globe)

Did you hear about the great AIM blackout yesterday? I’ve been able to confirm that the blackout occurred in New York (guess how I figured that out), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, San Diego, and Los Angeles. If anyone here reads this from elsewhere and lost AIM tell me. I’m legitimately curious as to how widespread this was.

So I was at my friend’s birthday last night at Angels & Kings, and they had a Moon Man above the bar. I thought that was kinda cool, but I’m easily impressed. However, the moon man did NOT make up for charging four dollars for PBR’s. What the fuck man.

So my bag that I don’t really need but take with me every day because I like to feel important. Yeah, it fits my computer perfectly. Like, fucking perfectly. Like, I am pretty sure that this bag was actually made by apple. My last bag my computer would barely fit and I’d have to jam it in and it really sucked. This one fits so perfectly that I can actually throw it in with the little sleeve on it and not worry about it at all. Awesome!

Might as well talk about the Yankees. Notice they won their last two games by a total of 21 to ZERO? Cause i fucking did! All I have to say about that is fuck and yes. I’m bummed about Wang going down in such a shitty way, but man, Hank Steinbrenner, shut the fuck up. Like really, are you trying that hard to be your crazy ass dad that you are telling the NL to get with the times and get a DH. Just shut up, cause I really hate to keep talking about you to non-yankee fans who seem to think I care about what you have to say. I do not.

My graduation ceremony was retroactively worsened yesterday, as the speaker got fired. Lame.

Finally, here’s what I’ve been listening to a LOT for the past two weeks. Great song, although this isn’t the version I’ve been listening to at all. But whatever, great song, plus here I can hear every lyric.


One Response to “Some Stray Thoughts”

  1. i absolutely love that grade song… in fact i was listening to it today

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