I am reporting to you live from the great aim blackout ’08 part II.

10:59am EST: AIM is out in my office, as well as across town on 48th st on the west side. Can not confirm the blackout outside of these two buildings as I don’t have AIM to IM others. More details to follow

11:12am: AIM exists on the East Side of Manhattan. This AIM blackout seems less great and more, just me and Jayme.

11:14am: This has nothing to do with the great aimout of ’08 part deux, but its still pretty hilarious. And if anyone out there is a journalism major, switch. If that link doesn’t convince you otherwise i don’t know what will.

11:26am: Aim is back. This all seems extremely anti climactic.

11:32am: This may have been bigger than I thought: via a friend ( B: a lotta other ppl [on] my bud list diminished) Who knows how big this was!


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