I’m In A Mood

I’m always in some sort of mood. We all are. Every day every single person is in some sort of mood. Yeah, we have different moods during the day, but there’s probably one that can describe your mood for basically the whole day (except in rare extreme shift days, like when you get fired, but win the lottery after you get escorted out of work or something like that. you get two moods if you have that day)

Usually my mood falls somewhere between bored and bitter. But not today. For whatever reason, today I am in goofy fucking mood.

I’m not sure why or how I got in this mood. I’m just there. I want to goof of for whatever reason. I’m not even bitter at stupid things that are going on. (like the elevator being dumb) I just want to shoot rubber bands at coworkers and have pretend interactions with Steve Guttenberg. Hopefully I can parlay this mood into the weekend and goof off. That could be fun, right?

Oh, and rather than write a whole new post for this link, I’ll just tack it on here.  This is a list of the best movie cops of all time. I love cop movies, specifically rogue cop movies.  I actually wrote a fairly substantial paper on the idea of the movie cop in college (true story, ask anyone).  I pretty much agree with this list, although Bullitt not showing up anywhere is questionable.

2 Responses to “I’m In A Mood”

  1. Goofy mood + alcohol = a possibly INSANE weekend. I hope so . . .

  2. wishmewell Says:


    better than shitty mood + alcohol, thats for sure.

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