Fridizzle for Shiz…God I am So White It Hurts

Sorry there, i was trying to be funny in my title.  I missed the mark by about as much as you possibly could.  My bad.

So despite my goofy mood I think I am going to take it easy this weekend.  Well definitely tonight at least.  I’m going to hang back and not go too crazy.  I’ll probably spend it at the ‘rents house, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m expecting some reaaaalllyy big news at some point next week so it would do me good to relax for a bit.

So Jayme just forwarded me video of the dumbest criminal of all time. I mean, I thought the guy who fell through the ceiling and couldn’t get out of the store was dumb, but this guy story tops him 10 fold. I don’t want to spoil it, but I will, he attempts to rob a store with (essentially) a leaf.  Not too bright.

I wish my office was like this, although I don’t have to wear a tie, so I guess that’s a plus.

So the Yankees are the hottest team in baseball right now.  Yeah, thats right.  Thats nice to be able to type out.  Mussina is pitching better than anyone else in the American League, and they’re tearing through a weak NL schedule.  I just hope the momentum they’re getting will carry over to when they start playing real teams again (thinly veiled blast at the National League as well as something to point to when they collapse and say “see, i wasn’t dellusional”)

I can’t remember if I linked to this yesterday.  I suppose I could check…hang on there…nope! I didn’t link to this Random Roles interview with Billy West. Who is Billy West?  He was the voice of this guy:

and this guy:


amongst other things.  But its a really good interview, and you should read it.

Well that’s it for now.  Maybe I’ll drop some knowledge on you foo….oh forget it.  I’m really lame


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