So I mentioned I’m waiting on some big news at some point this week, and until I get the news I’m gonna be one big ball of neurosis and stress and self-doubt. It should be a wonderful week!

So with that in mind I apologize if i’m not even remotely entertaining this week. in fact, I may be down right crazy this week. I suppose that could be entertaining. Whatever, I’m just gonna randomly type to get my mind off of everything thats going on.

So the Yankee game I went to friday didn’t turn out exactly the way I had hoped (I AM NOT A JINX, I WAS 12-0 in 2006 DAMMIT!), it was still a fun time tho. Afterward me and my friend trekked all the way back to the LES back to Ace Bar again. It was fun, many 3 dollar pints of PBR were consumed. For some reason I chugged a beer on my knees. There was some sort of story behind it, but I can not recall what that was. All I know is that it was weird.

Saturday I did absolutely nothing. It was wonderful. I went to CT around noon, passed out with a beer in my lap at 2, woke up at 4, BBQed and repeated. It was an awesome fucking day of doing absolutely nothing. I spent the entire day buzzed. Never crossed the bridge into wasted, just the perfect buzz running for like 12 hours. Considering my drunken propensity to take shots of whiskey, this was a nice change. (did i use that word right?)

Why doesn’t the blockbuster in Fairfield Connecticut carry PCU? I can’t think of any reason why they wouldn’t bother to stock that movie. I mean, its Fairfield. Why wouldn’t the blockbuster even carry it. I could understand if its only copy was perpetually checked out. But to not have that movie in a town with two universities and thousands of bored high school kids (hint, what i’m getting at is that there are a lot of high people) is inexcusable.

I have inadvertanly made a Pandora station that sounds like a sountrack from an indie-flick.  Good to know that if i ever get around to writing a movie the music for the sweeping shots of the train/car/other modes of transit will be easy to find. You know the shot I’m talking about, the main characters head will be leaning against the window. There will be shadows.  It’ll be awesome.

Woah, i just got a dizzy spell.  Thats not a bad sign, right?

okay…now the dizzy spell is persisting beyond a spell, and i gotta go stand up and grab some water or something. i’ll be back later maybe.


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