People From My Childhood Keep Dying

Yesterday it was one of the conductors from Shining Time Station. (he sorta taught me to curse too, which is weird when you think about it)

Today, the guy who created Big Bird, Kermit Love (seriously) passed. Man, the world just gets more and more depressing each day:


3 Responses to “People From My Childhood Keep Dying”

  1. I guess you reach a point in life when people who were middle aged when we were kids are now old and dying. Depressing as fuck though. . .

  2. The old guy that plays Bird Bird tried to pick up a girlfriend that I had years ago. She was a Ringling Clown and he was Bird Bird. After the taping he went up to her sounding exactly like Bird Bird and asked if she knew who he was…and then it only got weirder.

  3. wishmewell Says:

    Eric- That is simultaneously one of the best and creepiest things i have ever heard.

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