The Post Where I Ramble On About How Awesome Ice Cream Sandwiches Are

Well I think its finally happened.  I think i’ve blown a gasket.  Why?  Well i Just wrote about 400 words on ice cream sandwiches.  I mean, it was inevitably going to happen, but its odd that I chose the ice cream sandwich.  I’m sorta lactose intolerant, so ice cream sandwiches and me have a weird relationship.

Fuck waiting to be inspired to write something hilarious.  I’m fucking gonna write about Ice Cream Sanwhiches, cause those shits are awesome!

I mean, they are the perfect snack when you want some ice cream. There’s not too much in there, so it doesn’t take out those of us with stomachs that are sensitive to dairy products but are too stubborn to ever completely stop eating ice cream (fuck that).

They are so simple, yet so delicious.  Plus, according to wikipedia, they were invented in the LES.  I go there a lot, so that is cool with me (i’m going there tonight).   The genius really lies in their simplicity.  Someone had to come up with a portable way to get a relatively small amount of ice cream around that was clean, convenient, and refuse free (ever walked an extra block and a half to throw out your trash because you don’t want to look like aren’t an asshole and don’t litter like that…its annoying).  Its a fucking genius solution.  Throw a block o’ ice cream between a couple of cheap chocolate cookies and you have yourself a fucking treat!

I don’t descriminate when it comes to the ice cream sandwich.  Oh no!  For a good 15 years of my life I only consumed ice cream in the form of a Chipwich. (massive exaggeration) Also, when I visit Ireland i’m partial to the block of ice cream between the two wafers.  Its delicious.  They don’t sell it as a package, but they sell the ice cream rectangles and corresponding wafers separately.  Its very satisfying to construct your own dessert sometimes.  You get a real sense of accomplishment when you actually make something.  Its very rewarding.

Does anyone out there have any thoughts that they can add to this informal study of the genius of ice cream and cookies molded in to one epic dessert (that doesn’t make me go immediately to the bathroom.  actually the first time that happened is a really funny story, but thats for a different day).

Btw, i should probably point out that this post inspired the thing you just read (or didn’t read, but if you didn’t read it why did you skip to this sentence weirdo)


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