We Got Got

So remember that JC Penny ad?  Yeah, that wasn’t approved by JC Penny.  Like not at all.  They’re mad.  In the immortal words of Nelson, “HA HA”

I may have discovered the source of my dizzy spell yesterday.  I didn’t drink my morning coffee.  Now, that may just be a correlation without any causation (see, i occasionally paid attention in class).  Do you think I’m that dependent on morning coffee that I get dizzy spells without it.  Thats certainly a bad sign.

For now that is all I got.  Sorta busy at work.  But here’s a Mike Birbiglia set that is really funny, because he is really funny.  His blog is over there ——>  See? Yeah, you should read it, because he’s funny.

Part 1

Part 2

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