Good Morning

Hey there.

I am a bit spent from last night right now. So I can’t seem to get my head on straight, and I’ve got some annoying things to do at work.  If you want to be entertained I suggest reading about the interesting new flavored vodkas that the AV Club decided to taste.

Root Beer has long been my favorite soda. Like forever.  It was great when I had braces and I learned that Root Beer contained no phosphoric acid or whatever it is that can melt industrial strength glue off of your teeth.  So I am very intrigued by the prospect of Root Beer Vodka.  I used to occasionally mix vanilla vodka with root beer, and that tastes good.

One time me and a friend invented a drink at a bar.  It was Jagger, SoCo, Root Beer Snapps, Vanilla Vodka and Splash of Coke.  Tasted just like a root beer lollipop (which  is a word that spell check just informed me I do not know how to spell), just one that fugged you up.


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