So This Is What It Feels Like

I got eight hours of sleep last night. The recommended eight hours (sorta, if you don’t count waking up at 2am, 3:30am and 5am for like five minutes. whatever, i was in my bed for eight hours, that counts)

I haven’t gotten eight hours of sleep while having something to do the next day in like years. (that means drunkenly sleeping till 2pm on a saturday doesn’t count, cause that just fucks up my shit for the week and doesn’t help) I can’t remember the last time I haven’t been dead tired at work.

I might be speaking too soon. Maybe I’ll still crash hard and fast immediately after eating whatever unhealthy choice i make for lunch today (yesterday i had falafel, that’s healthy right? whatever helps me rationalize eating burger king).

Remember how I used to get all those silly search hits for people searching drinking and pizza and drunk and things like that. Now, the only searches i get are for this post. I liked it better when people were coming here to read about drunk, now, like every other site on the internet, i’m in the smut peddling business.

I would tell you about the really weird dream I had last night, but no one would give a shit. It was really freaky tho. Hey look over there, its a Spaceballs video!

haha…oh Dark Helmet.

Oh yeah, more shots. I actually did shots this week. On Tuesday. We actually participated in the trifecta of cheap wine (thats actually what the restaurant called it) pitchers of beer (this kind) and shots (this and these!). It was a really fun night. Really fun. And it could explain why I wound up going to bed super early (which for me is 11) last night. Which explains the full nights sleep. See how everything ties together.


2 Responses to “So This Is What It Feels Like”

  1. I’m so bad with shots, I can only so the creamy based ones. If they taste too much like alcohol I KNOW they’re coming back up the same way they went down seconds earlier . . .

  2. wishmewell Says:

    yeah, its an acquired taste. sometimes they do stage a revolution if i do to many or a particularly strong one. i actually do them wrong and hold them in my mouth, so i have to concentrate hard to get them over my tastebuds without liquor lingering.

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