I’m BAAAAaaaack

Hey guys, i’m back. Enjoy yesterdays post? I did. I should apparently become a waiter in California. I would wind up making more than I do now.

Well i’m exhausted today. I landed really late last night/early this morning. From minnesota. I’ll share all my tales about it later. I actually wasn’t terrible at golf, which was nice. BUt i’m too tired to right now. It was terrible when i woke up. Like thinking about how much longer I had till I got to sleep next time. To keep myself awake I’ve listened to this song no less than 200 times today:

That and like 4 cups of coffee.


One Response to “I’m BAAAAaaaack”

  1. you might want to a)use the HTML editor or b) just use the insert a video option.

    just sayin

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