Told You I’d Be Back

So yeah, I supposed I should fill you in on a little bit of my weekend.  I’m sure everyone just absolutely loves drunken recaps where I don’t even tell you anything personal, just that I drank beers.  But whatever, I gotta write something so that I look sorta busy. So yeah.

A few of my friends returned this past weekend from a long trip abroad.  So Thursday we all trekked out to Jersey to welcome one of them home.  Next thing I knew, it was friday.  (i’m not even exaggerating that much, i got drunk fast).  We were regaled with crazy stories from the far east that I should probably forget I even heard.  Not to mention all the meat.  Oh lord was there lots of meat.  Hot dogs for an appetizer, burgers for the 1st course, ribs for the halftime show and steak as the coup de awesome.  It was phenomenally filling. (that sounds better when you say it out loud)

Friday the trip was made to the Bronx to welcome another return traveler.  There was a crazy outdoor party.  We were told the police were coming, so everyone that was underage was ejected.  We sat and drank Gentleman Jack, which my friend had hid in a bush.  It was kinda funny, reaching into a bush to drink whiskey.  It was like a magic bush.(not in the 70s porn way)  It was awesome.

Saturday was a night spent out at the bar.  At this point my voice was completely gone, but I was told that my voice sounded sexy while raspy.  I plan on spending the next 10 years of my life screaming at the top of my lungs before every time I go out.  That sounds like a solid plan, right?

What was weird about the voice thing tho, was that I left my apartment at 11pm and my voice wasn’t bad. When i got to the bar at midnight my voice was shot.  Nothing happened on the way or anything, i guess I just lost it at midnight or something.  It was still weird.

Yesterday I had a lazy day.  Most of the morning was spent in bed. As I mentioned, I saw The Wackness last night. My short review: good.  If you think you’ll like it based on the preview, you probably will.  I don’t think it will grab outside of its target audience much tho.

And finally, I spent last night watching my beloved Yankees split the series with the Red Sox in dramatic fashion with walkoff single from, of all people, Brett Gardner.  I watched it at a bar, and high-fives were exchanged all around.

Sorry, this post sorta reads like a bad list of what I did this weekend.  I just wanted to write something down today.  Feel like I forgot the funny.  Maybe I should go with my roomates idea and start live blogging my nights out so you get the play by play as it happens.  You know:

2:46am – Just took a shot.  Ground became ceiling. Woo!  Until then, this will have to do.


2 Responses to “Told You I’d Be Back”

  1. “not in the 70’s porn way” *chuckle*
    Nice blog.

  2. Sounds like your weekend escapades turned out to be better than mine.

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