Laughter is the Best Medicine

In the early years of high school before i got a job at a liquor store and could get alcohol so people started hanging out with me cool I used to watch Friday Night Stand-Up every single Friday night. Yeah, real winner. Anyway, I really enjoyed watching it and laughing. I really enjoyed being able to kinda turn off whatever was going on and laugh at whoever was on the stage. So I sorta became a bit of a comedy nerd. Not like a serious comedy nerd. I don’t quite play magic the comedy gathering or anything like that. But there’s a decent amount of comedy comic books in my closet. (get it…its a metaphor…i think, i wasn’t an English major) Anyway, watching comedy has always been a source of escape. If i was even remotely funny I would attempt to do it on stage, but alas, i tell one good joke a month. I’d need to save up for a year and by that time all my references would be dated (i have 4 minutes on mitt romney…dammit)

Unfortunately, I don’t see comedians nearly as much as I’d like. A few came to Fordham while i was there. Lewis Black, Dane Cook (before he took a nosedive toward douchebaggery…or maybe it was before i realized…whatever). We even had Best Week Ever do a live version of their show. Unfortunately, this was after they decided that the massive gym with an insane echo was the best place to host people who talk on stage, so I can only assume that BWE was funny. Now that I’m out of school comedy is sorta expensive. I mean, two drink minimum? That sucks. Also, sometimes I feel like a big fake walking through times square. I have to tell the “do you like comedy” guys that “no, I don’t like comedy. i am allergic to laughter and I don’t want to buy four fifteen dollar tickets from you kind sir.” Thats hard for me, because I like comedy and I’m a really…reaaaaallly easy sell. You apply a little pressure to me and I wind up caving like a NYC steam tunnel (see, totally dated).

But yeah, last night I had the chance to see one of my newfound favorite comedians, Mike Birbiglia, at the UCB theater for only five bucks (and 2 dollars for a PBR…sometimes being broke works out!). I think he was working on this new “sleepwalk with me” thing that he’s supposed to debut at some thing in Canada. (by the way, EVI revisits some classic Canadian dollar jokes with a new twist).

It was really hilarious. Rather than tell a series of stories, he essentially tells one story for a little over an hour. Accept he goes off on what seem like tangents for a few minutes at a time. So yeah, I guess it was exactly telling a series of stories, but whatever, it was really funny. With him it doesn’t really feel like he’s a comedian, rather it feels like your friend who you haven’t seen in 10 years filling you in, if your friend was hilarious. It was really easy to relate to what he was saying. Some of it a little bit too easy to relate to, but thats an entirely different story. Most of his comedy comes from really hard personal situations that he manages to make absolutely hilarious. Which I really enjoyed, because thats sorta how I’ve always tried to deal with things, through humor (unfortunately I’m not funny, so it doesn’t go well). But it was really funny and I had a really good time. If you get the chance you should see him. Its really funny.


4 Responses to “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

  1. That’s neat that you got to see him live! I really like him too.

    Don’t feel bad, I have to think long and hard about my jokes. And even then it’s hit or miss with the funny.

  2. binarebel Says:

    stop lying, those times square tickets were $20.

  3. wishmewell Says:

    quit blowin up my spot!

  4. […] have watched a lot of TV, but lately i’ve noticed a change in the pattern of what I watch.  I’ve mentioned before that in high school I would watch Friday Night Stand-Up on Comedy Central almost every Friday night […]

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