Hey! Did You Hear About Josh Hamilton

They mentioned it once or twice on ESPN last night. I’m sure you won’t hear about it tonight at all. Apparently he used to be on drugs. Now he’s not!

In all seriousness, its a great story that (unfortunately) we are all going to be sick and tired of by the end of the week because he put on a superhuman performance at the Home Run Derby. 28 fucking home runs in the first round! It was incredible. If I had followed through with all the rules, Josh Hamilton would have put me in a coma. (hell even just the “Back, Back” rule, let alone the “Josh Hamilton was an addict rule). Either way it was out of this world. In case you missed it Awful Announcing posted it on Deadspin and his own site. Yeah, fucking BOMBS! Who gives a shit if he didn’t actually win the thing, he improved his stock 200 fold.

It was really odd watching the Home Run Derby, an event that I watch every year, in Yankee Stadium. It was a bit like watching, I actually don’t know. Maybe like seeing your own house used as a movie set or something like that. Its a place I’ve grown up going to and watching on television. It was weird to see someone other than the Yankees and weird to see something other than a baseball game going on there.

And finally, in more sports related matters, Brett Farve can go fuck himself in his selfish asshole. You RETIRED! Why the fuck do you have to pull this shit. Your tarnishing your (impressive) legacy by coming off a selfish whiny asshole who puts yourself before not only your teammates, but the game of football which you claim to love. And you decide to break your story to GRETA VAN SHITHEAD! Really? So you burn your teammates, the game, and the sports media which has publicly fellated you for the past 10+ years? What the fuck is that about? Hey, what was the last play of yours last season? Oh yeah! Thanks!

Sorry…had to come back so that I didn’t end this post on an angry rant.  Its the All-Star game tonight.  It’s a happy day!  There’s a parade here today at like 1 O’Clock.  On 6th ave.  I work about a half block from sixth ave on the parade route, so I think I’m going to have to check that out! I do love a parade.  Ahh, happy ending.  Go AMERICAN LEAGUE!

2 Responses to “Hey! Did You Hear About Josh Hamilton”

  1. *whispers* I still like Brett Favre. In other news, yay for parades! How was it?

  2. wishmewell Says:

    @claire well to each their own ::grits teeth and snaps keyboard kayne style::

    the parade was a complete waste of time

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