Dear MLB All Stars

Thank you for being physically incapable of scoring a in extra innings until around 1:30 this morning. My droopy eyes sincerely appreciate it.

Well at least the American League won! That’s always a plus! Once again it was strange to watch the All-Star game taking place in Yankee Stadium. It was kinda insane. The opening ceremony was really nice, and it was actually nice to see Steinbrenner, even though it was just the shadow of the man who once ruled with an iron fist (chin hair be dammed!). Still, all in all, it was a really cool game. I probably should have gone to bed before it ended, or even just napped through the middle of the game. I can’t really add more to this right now, because I am exhausted. I fell asleep on my arm because i was so tired, and didn’t move until I woke up. My arm was literally a piece of spaghetti when I tried to get out of bed. If anyone could have seen it, they would have thought it was hilarious.


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