Hello Friends

Like my Jim Nantz…ish title?  Well yeah, I have nothing at all of substance to write about (substance at this here blog is a bit of a stretch) but I am really in the mood to write something down, so I am going to dump some thoughts on you.  Some will be super cereal (which by the way, that super cereal tag has actually gotten me views, which is absurdly amazing) some will be super pointless…okay, all will be super pointless, whatever, I LIKE TO FEEL IMPORTANT.

My iPod was on point with the shuffle this morning.  It played some old Green Day, American Nightmare, Blink-182, The Weakerthans, and Rage, and that was just while I was on the J train.  (Is it weird that I have all of those songs on my iPod, and that playing them in that order makes perfect sense to me?)  Speaking of the iPod, I know other bloggers have touched on this before, but its amazing how much louder the volume is when i show up at work as compared to when I leave the house.  I never jack it up all at once.  When i’m in my apartment its at a reasonable volume. I turn it up a little as I leave the house, a little more as the J arrives,a little more waiting for the F and finally a little more walking past the construction sites on 6th ave. I only realize how loud I’ve pushed it when i put it on to go home and blast my eardrums into the east river (totally went new york centric on that paragraph)

I haven’t really mentioned Bobby Mercer dying here yet. Specifically, the time I ate in the very same restaurant as the man.  I don’t totally remember it, and for once I was not drunk!  No, I was 2!  I was actually born in Oklahoma City because my dad was a Geologist (like Stan’s dad) and apparently there weren’t a ton of oil rigs in Jersey, so him and my mom lived in OK when first married (which my mom loooooved…if you knew her the sarcasm would be clearer).  So I was born there.  They would go to a chinese restaurant that filled the glass of wine right to the brim all the time.  They would take me to this place and let me suck on the ribs after they ate the meat off (this sounds depressing).  Well one time we were there and so was Bobby Mercer.  Although I have no recollection of this, I’ve been told this story throughout my entire life, so I always liked Mercer.  Yeah, thats about all I have to say about that. So it goes (Vonnegut…nice)

Last night I decided to go to bed early after staying up late to watch the all-star game on tuesday night.  I probably fell asleep earlier than I had in, like, a decade. Well cut to 5:45 when I snapped out of my slumber.  BACKFIRE!  I did snooze a little bit before I had to get up, but essentially instead of lying bed at night, i lay in bed all morning.  Awesome!

All day i’ve been trying to find someone to see Batman with at 12:30 tonight with no luck.  I guess i’m the only incredibly irresponsible one of my friends.

Whatever, thats all the thoughts I can dump out of my head at this point.  I had more, but I got distracted by “work” so I lost them.  Damn.  Hopefully I find them.  If I do i’ll place them right above this for everyone to see.


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