My Extremely Official, Totally Un-Sleep Deprived Review of The Dark Knight

Short Version: FUCKING AWESOME (see below for long version)

(YIKES…gay porn gone. sorry about that)

Long Version:

Well I got tickets with a friend to the 12:30am show at the AMC on 42nd st to see the most hyped thing since the advent of fire, which actually was less of a big deal at the time than you realize. I figured I’d show up fairly early, at 10:30. I mean, who shows up two hours early for a movie. Apparently, lots of people do. Like, tons. I walked the line (hehe…Johnny Cash) that wrapped down 42nd st, took a left onto 8th ave and down to 41st street, where it made another left. I was waiting about halfway down 41st, which to me, was kinda insane. I mean, the NYPD was running crowd control…for Batman. You know, he used to look like this. Wait a tic, this is a review of a movie, not of the process involved on getting into a movie…my bad.

So yeah, The Dark Knight. Heard of it? Small art house film. (bad and overused jokes!) I was ludicrously excited to see this movie. So excited I looked up ludicrous in the thesaurus so i could pepper even more adjectives around, but then I realized that was a stupid gag. But yeah, super excited. And to be honest, when the first frame wasn’t THE BEST FIRST FRAME IN MOVIE HISTORY I was a little worried I was going to be let down. Oh, but don’t you worry, its awesome. Like, really awesome.

As every reviewer has said better than I will here (cause they have to!) Gotham City looks fucking stunning. The use of real locations in Chicago just gave the city a pulse like no other fictional city in a movie could. (that means new york is better). Obviously, the action sequences are fucking out of this world. I wish I had been able to see it for the first time in Imax and get the full scope of it all, but I’m a procrastinator and those shits sold out in, like, 30 seconds. But yeah, its an incredible looking movie.

As far as the only thing that people really care about. Heath Ledger was NOT in that movie. I figured it would be weird to see him on screen for the first time, but I couldn’t. He completely disappeared into the Joker role. It was really fucking creepy. He was so twisted and so out of this world that people actually laughed a bit when he would make cracks. But it was an odd, nervous laughter. The kind of laughter that comes out in uncomfortable situations. He was over the top intense and it was incredible to see someone throw themselves so far into a role. Ledger played the part absolutely perfectly.

So yeah, I’m rambling a bit on this subject. The short version up there sums it up pretty well. This movie was incredible and if you have the chance go see it. I’m definitely seeing it again on Imax at some point in the near future. Its definitely worth it

Oh, and if anyone out there saw it. Email me or comment or something. I DESPERATELY need someone to talk about this movie too and no one at my office is as irresponsible as I am!


3 Responses to “My Extremely Official, Totally Un-Sleep Deprived Review of The Dark Knight”

  1. Dude…. Looks like you got taken for a ride. Check out the first pic that you hotlinked to for your batman post…

    Yeah… gay porn.

    Might consider a photobucket account to avoid hotlink mishaps.

  2. Umm…can we talk about the scenes that took place in China? Japan? (I already forget, forgive me.) Fking unreal. Entirely badass.

    Will the real Batman please stand up?

  3. I had wondered about the gay porn when I saw it earlier, but now it all makes sense.

    Anyway, haven’t seen “The Dark Knight” yet, but after reading this review and plenty more like it, I’m stoked to do so!!! It’s right up on the movies-to-see-before-the-summer-is-ova list with “Pineapple Express” and “Step Brothers.”

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