I’m Just A Bad Blogger This Week

I (most likely) will not have time to post anything tomorrow. I can’t say why, but I will say that I had to shave my face. I’m not happy about it. Here’s a before and after:



Its not that I love my facial hair that much, its just that it allows me to be a great deal lazier, which is something I am all for. (hey. i took one of those from my parents basement. does that make me a true blogger?) So yeah, shaving had to be done, so you can guess what I’m doing tomorrow based on that information.

The good news is that I have the fasting growing hair on earth (perhaps I shouldn’t admit this) so ol’ lazy beard will be back. In honor of my lost beard, here’s a flight of the conchords video (Brett has a beard…its relevant!)


2 Responses to “I’m Just A Bad Blogger This Week”

  1. I love facial hair on guys, but my boyfriend says it becomes a burden in the summer heat, but if you don’t mind it, I say grow the beard back – it makes you look older too.

  2. I smell interview!

    I say go clean. You look fit and healthy without the facial hair.

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