Happy Mon…oh wait…Thats Not Happy At All

Another week begins, which means before I know it is going to be the weekend, which means its going to be August, which means I’m going to have to ask where the hell the time is going, which will get everyone depressed, which will lead to drinking, which will lead to what will turn out to be a pretty fun party. Repeat as necessary.

So my impromptu trip to Philly was a great success. I didn’t really go to the city of Philadelphia per say, more I went to my friend’s place that just so happens to be in Philly. I didn’t see any sights, but I did eat a Philly Cheesesteak, which was nice. Philly is much cheaper than New York. Its really nice to get completely forget what the hell happened for half the night, wake up and check your wallet to find actual money. That doesn’t happen up here a lot.

We went to this place, which was a cool place to be. Anything that charges this for this is A-OK in my book. It also cool because instead of sitting at a table, we were sitting at a Piano. And they had crayons to color all over the place is. If your ever at that place and you see a drunkenly scrawled PAT on the piano, that was me. Also, amazing jukebox. I mean, i know the digital jukeboxes with literally everything ever are sorta commonplace now, but it was nice to see a non-digital one with a ton of good stuff on it. Plus, we did shots! Things get hazy and I may have woken up at 4am sitting on my friends couch, somewhat unclear as to where I was, but all in all, good trip.

And, as you may or may not know, I’m currently obsessed with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so here’s this:

Oh yeah, the beard poll! Results are in, 5-3 for not shaving, which is less work for me, woo hoo! Subway Gal wins bragging rights for eternity. Also, two people want me to grow a Jesus beard.

(oh yeah, The Bolt Bus = awesome)


One Response to “Happy Mon…oh wait…Thats Not Happy At All”

  1. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, I’d like to thank all of you out there for helping me to win these bragging rights. Without your support, this would never have happened. I’d also like to thank my family . . .

    Anyway, what a fun weekend! A bar with crayons??? I only wish I had crayons at bars I went to so that my genius drunk thoughts of wisdom and rationale could be around for younger generations to see and learn from.

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