Woah…Two Posts in A Day

Its been a while since I wrote twice in a day.  So there’s that.

I swear I had something to write about, but as soon as I opened up this window I completely forgot what i was going to write about.  Well, I already wrote that title, so I guess i have to write something.  Well I could always ramble for 200 words or so.

Whatever, so yeah, I watched Mallrats for the first time in a long time last night.  Its still an awesome movie.  Like really, really awesome.  I remember when I first saw it I had to sneak watch it at a friends house because I was like 11 and not allowed to watch R-rated movies (my parents would quickly abandon this and all rules for my younger brother and sister).  But yeah, I knew about it because they advertised in comics a lot, which I read a lot (at the time, I’m not quite not nerdy enough).  It was funny because I remembered that I never understood the “What, like in the back of a Volkswagen?” the first 10 times or so that I saw that movie.

Yesterday was a big day for movies I had not seen in a long time.  While lying on a couch in Philadelphia hardly able to move, me and my friend caught High School High on Showtime.  Um yeah, that movie is fucking hilarious.  In that reaaallly bad way, but still.  Just awful joke after awful joke until you finally cave.  I loved that when I was a dumb 11 year-old, and I loved it yesterday as a 23 year-old who killed off enough brain cells drinking to make High School High funny.  It was glorious.

I fucked up last night. I really wanted to start to get into Mad Men, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I understand that the show is supposed to be amazing, I just feel like I can’t take on another show.  Its too much work.  I don’t even know what channel AMC is.  I really need to get into this show tho, right?  I mean, I’m a tv addict, and its supposed to be the best show on television.  Uggh, there’s another hour out of my week.

Well I guess the alternate title to this post could be “what I watched and didn’t watch on television this weekend,” but whatever.  Like the real weekend recaps, i left some stuff out, (i’ll leave it up to your imaginationland…crap gave it away).


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