If I Was More Clever I Would Have Come Up With Something To Put Hre

It’s a really bad sign when, by tuesday, you can tell that the week is going to be ever so slow.  Is it seriously only fucking Tuesday? Why does the week feel three decades long already?  Ugh, i wish I could afford a fucking vacation.  At least there are always funny things to watch on the internet.

Speaking of funny things to watch on the internet (was that a transition?…gasp!) I finally got around to watching the bo burnham videos on youtube. He’s really funny, but I’m sorta jealous that a 17 year-old kid could be that funny and creative. Why couldn’t I have been born with the funny gene?

(so much for transitions) A note to the person who I will dub “clearly claustrophobic woman”: You were obviously made uncomfortable by the extremely crowded 4 train. This was evident by the fact that you were showing visible signs of anguish for the entire ride from Grand Central to Union Square (that’s one stop to those not in “the know”). Your high pitched shrieks of terror were really, reaaaallly annoying. Ordinarily, i wouldn’t comment on this. Everyone has their phobias (i certainly do). However, when you wedge yourself into the (already full) train at the last second via an elbow to my spine you lose all rights to fucking squeal in my damn ear.

So the Brett Farve thing is just over the top ubsurd and I couldn’t give two shits about what the hell is going on with it anymore.  Unfortunately, ESPN feels the need to cover it from every conceivable angle…please stop.

The fact that this movie looks to be absolutely horrific makes me feel a little bit better about the state of the world.

Speaking of movies (oh snap) Pineapple Express finally comes out tomorrow!  I’ve said it several times here before how excited I am for this movie, (far to lazy to search and link back, plus, i really don’t want the pingback email right now).  I’m thinking I might go catch it tomorrow after work.  It’s definitely a movie that wouldn’t be terrible to see alone.  Some movies you really can’t see alone, because you want to discuss them with people immediately after.  Pineapple Express looks like it will just be nice and entertaining where I can sit in the AC for 2 hours and just enjoy myself, so i think I might do that.


2 Responses to “If I Was More Clever I Would Have Come Up With Something To Put Hre”

  1. If you’re bored at work, I highly suggest you check out Paris Hilton’s ad in response to John McCain’s attack at. You can find it on YouTube. It’s actually pretty funny.

    The Brett Favre thing is ridiculous but I can’t stop following it! It’s so addictive! I believe that he needs to go away. He was great, we all loved him and then he retired. He can’t come back now! It’s ridiculous and so unfair to poor Aaron Rodgers who deserves his time to shine.

    I can’t wait to see Pineapple Express either!! Seth Rogen is awesome.

  2. wishmewell Says:

    That McCain attack by hilton was really funny.

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