I Watch TV…A Lot

I always have watched a lot of TV, but lately i’ve noticed a change in the pattern of what I watch. I’ve mentioned before that in high school I would watch Friday Night Stand-Up on Comedy Central almost every Friday night (social butterfly that I was). I stuck mostly to cable. This was (mostly) before the current original programming boom that basic cable is enjoying. I’ve watched most of the shows that Comedy Central rolled out over the years, for better or worse. I would watch thursday night sitcoms and the like, but I rarely watched any bad television drama. Especially not bad “teen” drama, like everyone else did. Possibly because I was a guy, but there seems to be a sizeable male audience for these shows (who would never admit it in a thousand years.) I should clarify what I mean by bad. I don’t for a second mean that these shows were “bad” per say, but rather, shows like Dawson’s Creek and the like were incredibly cheesy. That kind of thing doesn’t actually happen to high school kids. And honestly, listening in to a teenager’s conversation shouldn’t require a dictionary, but I digress.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I began to watch a show like these. That show was The O.C. (don’t call it that). I think I jumped into watching that show in the second season, during the lead up to the whole lesbian kiss business (does that give me back some man-credit? no? damn). But honestly, I enjoyed that show. Junior year we went back and watched the whole first season on DVD, and it was really enjoyable. Since then I have come to appreciate the cheesy prime time dramedy. Although there have been none that I really watched religiously since midway through the debacle that was the fourth season of the O.C. I did dabble in Grey’s Anatomy, but once the title character was dead for three days, yet made an immediate full recovery and was able to resume her role as a world class surgeon I jumped the shark. The reason I bring any of this is up, is that because of shows like these, I was able to laugh extremely hard when I first saw this SNL Digital Short, which yesterday’s post reminded me of.

Also, does any disagree that they are the best part of SNL these days?


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