Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

I’ve watched a lot of sports over the years. Like a lot. probably if you add up all the sports I’ve watched it would be extremely sad and depressing just what percentage of my life has been spent watching sports. Be it on TV or live, i’ve seen a lot of athletic events.

You know what usually doesn’t happen? In four hours of watching sports I usually don’t see SIX WORLD RECORDS BROKEN! Fucking shit. One of them was broken twice in back to back races. Holy shit, I thought world records were supposed to be somewhat difficult to break. I mean, Michael Phelps has broken five since friday, one with his damn eyes closed. In all seriousness, I kinda do hope he wins eight gold medals, it’d be a cool thing to witness. WOO!

The best part of last night was the contrast between swimming and gymnastics. In swimming world records were (literally) falling in every single race that they were showing on NBC. After which they would cut back to gymnastics where some poor 12 16 year-old Chinese girl would lose her balance a teeeeny bit and the announcers were calling it disastrous. Seriously, when the American girl, Alicia Sacramone, fell on the floor exercise (who, by the way, could probably use a hug and/or a fifth of whiskey right about now…or i suppose she could do this again) the announcer called it a “disaster of EPIC proportions.” Yeah, he said that. In China. Its not like they’ve had an ACTUAL disaster of epic proportions recently or anything like that. I mean, the ONLY got the silver medal. That is totally the end of the world as we know it.

I’ve actually been somewhat enjoying these Olympics. Its kinda fun to always have something to watch after Jeopardy and my post trivia nap that I never intend on taking. Every night its all like, what are the Americans gonna try and win tonight. It’s great. I think i’ll start to care a little less once track events start. I dunno, I guess i just like swimming better. It looks more refreshing watching people in a pool.

UPDATE: Here’s a related SNL video to keep the streak alive

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One Response to “Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?”

  1. The Olympics so far have been absolutely FANTASTIC. I’ve been watching nothing else but them for three days straight.

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