Summertime and The Livin’s Easy

Damn, that is a lazy ass headline.  Well you know what, I can be as lazy as I want with my headlines.  You know why? It’s because I am taking a small vacation to Beach Haven, NJ.

yeah, that was the best picture i could find.  well i found this one, but I’m too lazy to download and resize and it was too big to resize in the window.  I’m lazy and in vacation mode already.  I’m only going down for four days, so i’ll be back in the middle of the week next week, but still. I’m also pretty sure i’m actually staying on that street, but whatever.  The important task I have today is what to listen to on the hours long drive I have tonight.

There’s the option of leaving my iPod on shuffle.  But that is always dangerous and could lead to disaster.  I’m also not sure what kind of time I will have to make a mix, but I can sure try.  Making a night driving mix can be tough.  You don’t want it too high energy or you won’t be able to slip into the zone that you need while driving down the highway.  But you do need some pick me up songs in case you slip too far into the zone and start to doze off.  It’s a very delicate process, one that I’m just not confident that shuffling can handle.

One song that will definitely be on there will be this song:

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted that before, but whatever. Its a great driving song.  It’s fucking about driving.

I’m also somewhat nervous about this.  I haven’t really driven a car any significant distance since like February (i think). Living in the city it becomes unnecessary, so I just never drive.  Last time I drove it was to the ice cream shop near my house in CT, so this is gonna be interesting.  Driving a damn wind sail minivan down the Garden State Parkway for like 3 hours.  Whatever, the beach will be the payoff!


One Response to “Summertime and The Livin’s Easy”

  1. froggylove Says:

    Thats a cool song. Have a nice trip. I’m so jealous.

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