I’m Just Gonna Hit The Keys And Hope Something Comes Out

I had a really good idea for a post on the subway home yesterday. I remember thinking “damn, thats a good idea.”  I even had a pad handy to write the idea down.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a pen, so now i have to convince myself that it wasn’t that funny anyway.  In its place, random shit!

Is it a sign that I’ve watched too much South Park when I knew all the 5 Things You Didn’t Know About South Park?  Like, that was it?  I knew every single one of those facts and then some. If you’re going to tell me i don’t know something you best be prepared to back it up Ask Men!

After watching the below video over and over I was trying to decide if I would engage in fisticuffs with any athlete at the Summer Olympics.  Answer: nope.

Speaking of the olympics, now that swimming is over I feel kinda done with it.  Also, is it a bad sign that watching people sprint around a track actually tire me out?  I’m thinking “yes” but i’m not so sure yet, i need a ruling.

I’m going to see College Humor Live tonight, and despite not being in college, i still read the site almost daily.  Much like I did right before I went to college.  In fact, I think the only time of the site’s existence that i didn’t go to every day for was my four years of college.  What does that say about me?  Well whatever it says about me, i’m still excited to see the awkward rap live! (not to mention Jon Mulaney, although I think that was just a mention)

I like events at the UCB theater.  Cause they’re only five bucks and PBR’s are like 2 bucks.  So you can have a good night with like 18 bucks!  This should be fun.  I didn’t have high hopes of convincing anyone else to go with me, so I’m just gonna go alone and hope for the best.


One Response to “I’m Just Gonna Hit The Keys And Hope Something Comes Out”

  1. Next time you have a fantastic post idea why not just put it in your phone??? Not that i myself ever remember to do that!

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