You Know What This Means!

So College Humor live was a fun time. Despite Jon Mulaney not actually being (double you, tee, eff). It was still really funny. They started it off with this man eating the Michael Phelps breakfast it was…interesting. After that happened I realized there was an empty seat next to me being held by someone. Low and behold, Crazy Legs himself would go on to occupy that seat. It was awesome. He was nice enough to give me a swig of his whiskey after we gave him a delicious pbr. The rest of the show was really funny too, but it will inevitably wind up online, so you can watch it eventually. After the show I met Streeter, who went to fordham and told me Suits’s real name (i forgot it tho…a competitive eater’s whiskey will do that). I also met Steven Colbert’s Black Friend, who was fucking hilarious. But yeah, enough on that. How about some completely and totally random shit!

Ever notice that when you listen to Explosions in the Sky the mundane parts of your life feel just that much more cinematic. I find it quite awesome, but what do I know.

That Imogen Heap song from this video just came on pandora. I can’t hear it without laughing anymore. Gotta love SNL!

Fuck, I’ve got nothing else. Well I suppose enjoy this Lawrence Arms video while i continue to nurse my competitive eater related hangover. I post this because I’ve ever time i’ve seen them they drink whiskey on stage. Yeah, its a loose connection. Whatever, fuck you!

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