Its Gettin To Be That Time Of Year

I am skinny, pale, hairy, and generally unpleasant to stare at for an extended period of time without a shirt on. (check. . .ladies. . . hello, anyone out there)  In all seriousness, I do like the way I look better when several layers are added. I can throw a t-shirt, button down, hoodie and jacket on and not stand out like I do at the beach.  Thats why I am excited its finally getting to be fall, which I realize now is my favorite season.  I love when it starts to just get a little cold out.  I love that football returns. I love playoff baseball (despite the fact that I might not have as vested an interest as I have in years past).  I really, thoroughly enjoy every part of fall.

The odd part about all of this is that as a kid I DESPISED fall.  As I’m sure many kids did, I really fucking hated all those stupid back to school commercials that came as the summer began to wind down.  I hated the summer ending and having to go back to school. I don’t think I’ve taken this big a 180 on something since my first sip of beer, which i spit out and said something to the extent of “icky.”

I will say this tho, the ads for setting up your dorm do bum me out a little bit, but i feel better when I realize that no college student’s dorm will resemble the size.  Hundreds of thousands of disappointed youths cheers me up just fine.

So yeah, I’ve sorta always wanted to at least try to do stand-up at least once.  So I will occasionally write down things that I think I can turn into a bit.  Luckily for everyone at amature night, I haven’t found the balls to try this out yet, mostly cause I’m not terribly funny.  One thing I did have that I thought might have been funny was that with the amount of Animal House ripoffs being churned out they were eventually going to run out of ideas.  All that was going to be left would be a movie called “College.”  Well God fucking dammit, they went ahead and did it before I could ever tell it.

I just realized that I start a lot of my thoughts here with “So yeah.”  I should probably consider coming up with some new transitional phrases.

An update on my fantasy draft tonight: I’m still fucked.  Don’t worry, i’ll be posting a full report on how awful my team is here tomorrow, but don’t worry readers who hate fantasy football, i’ll, ummm, post something else completely unrelated to football!  I swears it! (spoiler alert: it will be prolly be about beer or televisionor both)

Isn’t it funny how there are some albums you listen to like 150 times until you can’t listen to it anymore for like a year, and other albums you only listen to like 1 once or twice, but you listen to them every month for the next like five to ten years? That’s not just me, right?

So yeah, on the subject of music, this video has me completely and totally mesmerized right now.  Enjoy!


One Response to “Its Gettin To Be That Time Of Year”

  1. I HATE fall – or “autumn” as we call in in Scotchland. Our summer is crap enough, i don’t need even WORSE weather!!

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