Do You Know What Tonight Is?


You know who’s playing tonight?

That’s right, the super bowl champion NEW YORK GIANTS!

While i’m really excited for this game, today marks the last day I can lord last season over any and all NFL fans that get in my path, leaving a humbled trail of ill-advised jerseys in my wake.

But yeah, the day has come, The Giants are hosting the Redskins tonight. If you’re like me your gonna immediately head to a bar when you get off work to enjoy some carbonated beverages while you watch the game.  If you can’t make it you can always check out awful announcing’s live blog (despite him being a redskins fan, he seems all for non-homerism or something like that)

Kissing Suzy Kolber is celebrating this glorious day all day long.  They should be really funny all day long.  So yeah, depending on the outcome of tonights game you could see a 1,000 word post on how awesome the world is, or you might just get hangover bear over and over until i pass out.  Enjoy the game tonight!


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