Ahh, The First Post Football Monday

Ahh, well that was a pleasant football weekend for those of us that aren’t Patriots Fans and have Michael Turner on their fantasy football team.  Guess who falls into both of those categories?  Thats right, I freakin do! Woo.

So it was a nice weekend for me.  Good times were had by all.

I was a little light on posting last week, as I literally spent all my free time at work watchin the OC, which is pretty fucking sad when you really think about it.  I also made a mistake, the whole first season isn’t up, just the first half of the first season.  I guess i’m so conditioned to watching critically acclaimed shows that get short order seasons (three guesses as to which one i’m referring too) so when I saw thirteen episodes my brain assumed that it was an entire season.  Oh well.

Did anyone else watch True Blood on HBO last night?  I decided to watch it after Entourage (in which nothing happened at all…again! seriously, how that show gets away with such little plot i’ll never kno…oh wait, there were boobs).  I don’t know about it yet.  I mean, it had its moments.  It seemed like there were a lot of way that it could go, and I hope it turns out well.  It could really go either way tho.

Oh yeah, so I guess with entourage last night new TV is finally on the air again. And that is fucking awesome!   I mean, yeah it was entourage, which has the least amount of substance of any show that has even been on television ever.  But god dammit, i still enjoy watching it.  I dunno, its not even like a guilty pleasure really, its just entertaining for a half hour a week.  It will tide me over until all the other glorious shows come back!

That was actually the best non-football part about  Sunday, all the ads for the new and returning shows. Well, there was one ad for How I Met Your Mother on CBS, and eight-gillion ads for Hole in the Wall on Fox, so there was some disparity.  I mean, Hole in the Wall was entertaining and all, but really fox? You’re going to hang your entire ad budget on it?  Its literally on three times this week.  Three.  If your keeping score, every good show in the history of television: one time a week (for the most part).  Hole in the Wall: three.

Well that about wraps it up as to what I did this weekend: television! Gotta love fall! Now if only the weather will catch up and i can start busting out my extensive sweater collection. It actually surprised me how many sweaters I had while going through my closet this weekend.  (did i just get excited about my sweaters…damn)


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