WOO HOOO! Its finally here. I can finally wake up a little later to go to…my…other..job…daaammmmit.

Oh well, like I said, I don’t dislike it at all.  If I had my way i would do it for my career and and not have to deal with my current job situation.  But whatever, its how it goes. I can’t wait for the “I have a new job” post that will inevitably wind up on here, but today is not that day.  That will be a wonderous day.

So after 11 gillion promos I decided to check out hole in the wall.  It is exactly what it sounds like, people trying to fit through holes.  And it…is…AMMMAZING!  It is seriously one of the most hilarious shows i’ve ever seen (withought having to use my big ol’ brain). Its just that, over and over.  People just getting knocked into a pool by a fucking giant wall with an oddly shaped hole in it.  It’s either gonna last forever, or be cancelled after two days, depending on the cough syrup consumption of america.

I have a birthday to go to in the city tomorrow, and I kinda wanna crash on someones couch to make getting to work easier on sunday, but I avoid confrontation at all costs, so i don’t want to ask beforehand. Would it be bad if i just showed up to the party with a bag containing a clean shirt, deodorant and a toothbrush and just hope for the best?  This line of thinking could get me in trouble.

Hey, remember this? Fuck!

So yeah, its weekend time.  I’m crashing extraordinarily hard after eating pizza and I need to zone out and stare at the screen all while trying very hard not to pass out and fall out of my chair.  Should be a fun time!


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