My Plans For The Weekend

I have plans this weekend.  They’re not fun plans, but they’re plans nonetheless.  I am going to rent every single post-apocalyptic movie in the last two decades and study everything that happens in those films.  Because, quite frankly, I’m pretty sure that could be useful information in the coming months.

Naturally I’ll need lots of leather clothes, Mad Max style.

Apparently its not even normal leather clothing.  Its a weird vest thing with one arm completely covered.  I’m pretty sure I’d get really sweaty wandering the deserted shell of our failed society in that.  And then, come nightfall, the sweat would freeze.  Alas, I have to do what I have to do, and I have to get leather…lots.  And a dog.

I’m also gonna need weird shoulder pads and masks and stuff.  This also leads me to believe that there’s a group in existence in our society today that has already made preparations.  Raiders fans.

So if step one is to acquire a leather wardrobe, step two will be to move to Oakland and prepare.  Live amongst the natives and observe their habits (ghost ride  the whip?)

I guess I should stock up on cigarettes so that I can use them as currency after Ice Age Two floods all the surface and we all live in precariously constructed boats with pee filtration systems to create drinking water.

Should be a fun time!

(actually, I’m working all weekend and will likely be devoid of all creativity for another week in a row.  woo hoo!)

2 Responses to “My Plans For The Weekend”

  1. Working on a weekend? YIKES! What type of inhumane job do you have??

  2. I am picturing Raiders fans in leather and an weapons. Not too far fetched, but scary none the less. Cigarettes are good ideas. Also, you may want to stock up on dirt. That can be used as currency. And plant some veggies in small pots. Cuz that all will be wiped out too.

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