This Show Is Better Now

When Freaks and Geeks first came out in 1999, I was a freshman in highschool.

It was fairly biographical, so I didn’t enjoy it as much.  All that highschool is awful shit is much funnier to go back and watch later.  It was a bit too much like a highlight real at the time. I’m pretty sure I was Sam Weir (i may be exaggerating) I hadn’t watched an episode of that show in forever until yesterday, when I found out most of them (if not all) were on youtube.  So yeah, I’ve been watching them for the last couple days, and its much funnier to go back. Plus, everyone from all  of my favorite movies and shows lately was in that show. Woo! I wonder if this show wouldn’t have lasted longer now in the post arrested development landscape, where poor ratings will be tolerated for a little bit longer.  Similar to the Office and 30 Rock, which most likely wouldn’t have gotten to the 2nd season had they come out in 1999.

So yeah, Here’s part one of the episode that I most clearly remember from the original run, because even though my 14 year old sense of humor wasn’t quite developed fully, i still thought it was hilarious that they switched the keg to non-alcoholic beer.


One Response to “This Show Is Better Now”

  1. I recently found out, years after the rest of the world, that both James Franco and Seth Rogen were in “Freaks and Geeks,” and I love those guys! Have you seen “Pineapple Express” yet? Funny stuff.

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