I Read Comics All Day

During my morning blog check i saw a post on Midwesterner about this comic, Five Bucks Till Friday.  I literally read a years worth of that comic today.  So i figured I might as well pass along the link so, in case you wanted, you could read it too.

So it is finally Friday, which is nice. I’m going to try to get through this whole weekend without spending money in a bar.  I think I have tonight covered.  I have a friend coming over and a whole case of beer, Charlie and Mac style (anyone watch last night, hilarious) so even if i DO go out i probably won’t need to spend money because I’ll be quite a few deep. Money saving tactics at their best.  And tomorrow I have a buffet table full of party picks to keep me occupied.  Its going to be awesome.  Plus, working all day Saturday and Sunday there’s no urger to go to a sports bar at noon and drink the day away.

So yeah, thats it for the week.  I spent all week watchin television and reading comics!  Good times.


One Response to “I Read Comics All Day”

  1. I’m pretty jealous of your week.

    Although the fact you seem to be happy about working all weekend is a bit odd. I’m working overtime right now and am not remotely happy about it, and cannot see the good side AT ALL!

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