Things I Won’t Miss About October Baseball

Ah, I love the crisp feeling in the the air as the temperature drops just as October swings around.  The leaves just begin to fade to yellow and red that will come to pepper the landscape in the coming weeks.  Slowly every store will have some pumpkin item (I had my first pumpkin spice latte just this morning!).  Ah, it’s finally becomming fall.  I remember what I used to refer to this weather in years past.  In fact, I remember leaving my dorm sophmore year with a friend, stopping to smell the air, turning and commenting that “…it’s playoff weather.”  Alas, that is not the case this year.

My team had quite the run, the Yankees have made the postseason since I was just 10 years old. After a long, 12 year streak, the run has come to an end.  So now, as I sit and watch the Philles of Philadelphia host the Brewers of Millwaukee (really…fucking milwaukee is in the postseason…god dammit) I am not filled with the same joy that I was in years past.  However, not everything about the playoffs is filled with the sublime beauty of the game of baseball.  Here are a few things I will not be missing as I tune out America’s pastime in favor of other sports (FOOTBALLLL ARGHHH BEER AND TRUCKS AND COUNTRY SONGS AND AMEERRRRICAA!!!!!!!!)

1) Frank TV Ads

Oh dear god if Frank Caliendo annoying. Last year was just terrible with these ads.  I mean, yeah, his impersonations are good (for the most part). But is there a need for a Frank TV ad during every…single…commercial…break…for…a…whole…month…….gaahh

2) The Agony of Defeat

(Sorry Mets fans)  I guess one good thing about this year was that I was able to digest the end of the Yankees season over the span of about a month and a half.  As they fell apart in late July/early August I was able to process that baseball was over.   But lord is the feeling of your team being eliminated in the playoffs just terrible.  Baseball is very different than football.  Football is a single crushing blow and its over quickly.  But, baseball, oh dear is baseball painful.  Over the span of week you experience highs and lows as your team fights it out and, for all but one, are defeated in any number of crushing scenarios.  Obviously the worst for me was 2004.  But i choose to highlight an anecdote from 2006.  I was in a bar on 3rd ave in Manhattan to watch game 4 of the 2006 ALDS between the Yankees and Tigers.  I was with my girlfriend at the time, who was also a die-hard Yankee fan.  Not a GSF either, but a die hard Yankee fan. It was a must win for the Yankees, and right off the bat you could see that wasn’t in the cards.  So we sat, and drank, and didn’t say a word to each other, the bartender, any other patrons, no one.  No words were uttered.  We watch the Yanks limp from the postseason in silence.  As we left the bar mets fans were filing in for the late game.  Naturally, being Mets fans, they cheered the Yanks demise.  My gf took it upon herself to shoulder check a rather large Mets fan on the way out the door.  If he hadn’t been so utterly shocked i’m sure he would have kicked my ass over the whole ordeal (cause you can’t hit a girl) Yeah, it sucks when your team is eliminated, and I don’t have to deal with that

3) Missing Fall Television

I haven’t watched so much new fall tv in my life.  It’s gone above and beyond what i talked about in my little preview dewhickey a few weeks back. HIMYM, Heroes, Fringe, House, The Office, It’s Always Sunny.  Its been great.  I laugh, I cry, I cringe…it’s awesome.   The Simpsons started this weekend!  I didn’t even know the Simpsons was on until after the post season!  Awesome.

4) ::Sigh:: Who Am I Kidding

Adjusting to not having any rooting intrest from the get go is very strange.  I’m reaching for reasons that this is okay.  I am really bummed the Yanks aren’t playing baseball right now.  Luckily, like I said, I’ve had plenty of time to process this so it’s not a crushing blow. (are there any Mets fans out there? you okay? need someone to talk to?) But still, the Yankees are done for the year.  I guess there is really only one silver lining:



2 Responses to “Things I Won’t Miss About October Baseball”

  1. Sorry dude. Seeing the Yankees not make the playoffs is a dream come true. Seeing my team the Oakland Athletics suck ass this year was a misfortune. Watching Boston beat our rivals the Angels was UH-MAZING! I’m going for a Red Sox v. Phillies series.

  2. You are spot on about Frank TV… that mantrocity is annoying! OK, so he was funny back in the late 90’s, but really, it gets old. Real. [F]’ing. Quick!

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