My Extremely Timely Note on the Vice Presidential Debate

I would have written this last week, but there was a hangover challenge so I had take it, and then yesterday there was the whole, “overtired” thing, and dammit, i don’t get that many ideas, so when i get one I have to run with it!

But yeah, the whole “…I may not answer the questions…” bit that Palin seemed so keen on during the debate last Thursday.  That’s my move!  Dammit, quit jacking my thing.  In all seriousness, I actually have pulled that before on a few math tests in my day.  Now, me and math, not the best of friends. (speaking of math…google proves that its still GENIUS)  And occasionally there would be a question on the test that I just did NOT have any idea how to solve.  Yet, to prove I somewhat knew what in the hell algebra was (i didn’t) i would simply solve another equation that would prove I had, in fact, read the chapter, done the homework, and taken good notes (I hadn’t).

I didn’t work then, and I doubt it’ll work now.

(also, doesn’t it look like she’s thinking uncessarily hard about the process of winking)

(woah, linking to the gmail blog made this thing go nutty, so i figured i’d post a video to go along with my really stupid post)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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