Alright Fine, I’ll Ramble On For A Bit

Almost immediately after hurrily posting that I was busy, I caught a wave of nothing going on. But I’d already resigned my brain to not coming up with anything creative, and was instead focusing on my plan of action for tonight. (short version: go out, have drinks, go home…okay that’s the long version too)

So yeah, ummm,  how bout that economy? I had to watch about 15 minutes of CNBC on fast forward yesterday, and watching the market fall, i couldn’t help but hum the Benny Hill Theme…it seemed appropriate for some strange reason. Not even Campbell’s soup could make it through the day unscathed.  It was ridiculous.  If I had any money to loose, i may have been concerned.

What else went on this week?  Who knows.  I’ve been extremely out of it all week, working weekends and such.  Whatever, it’s totally worth it for that extra money so I can afford to do stuff during the weekends.  Ironically, I work weekends so I have no time to do those things I can now afford.  That works great. Oh well.  Well it’s time for the weekend.  Enjoy yourselves?  i’ll be in a windowless room.  (seriously) The sun could go out and I wouldn’t know till the end of my shift.  Actually, it would be even later because now by the time I get out its dark.   Welp, enjoy yourself!


One Response to “Alright Fine, I’ll Ramble On For A Bit”

  1. Working weekends? Ewww that sucks. I think it’s time to find yourself a new job.

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