There Will Be No Discussion of The NFL Today

Well that was awful, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Tonight, I focus on the concert I’m attending tonight. I realized that all of the bands I am seeing have released at least one album, if not several, since I last bought anything by them.  So I figured I would check it out, and try to figure out how many songs I will actually have heard before tonight. WHO’S WITH ME!? Hello? Anyone there?

Lets start with Thrice, because, well, I googled them first.  Ah Thrice…the sounds of my senior year of high-school.  I believe I’ve briefly mentioned what happened before a thrice show once here before, so i don’t need to repeat myself. (hint, begins with a “v”, ends in “irginity”)  Those were the days of sweet innocence. I had no credit rating (which is better than bad credit, I’m told).  I was embarking on my journey into adulthood.  Alchohol was still very much illegal (and therefore more fun).  I bought Artist in the Ambulance the day it came out, and it had all the extra cards and notes about each song and crap. I saw them tour off that album twice, in a row (like went with one group of friends one night, another the next) It was awesome, and then came Vheissu.  Despite owning this album, I think I have listened to it three times tops.  It wasn’t actually a bad album, it just wasn’t the Thrice that I had once known.  Now i’m told they’ve released two albums in the last two years with some weird name that is actually one album in four parts and its a concept record (WTF is that?).  Honestly, I’m wagering I’ll know one of the songs they play tonight, two tops.

Now we’ll discuss Alkaline Trio.  Oh please oh please play only old songs? Pretty please? Cause, just being honest, those are your best songs man.  I mean, it was dark, but not OVERLY dark where it felt forced.  It was boozy and brooding, yet extremely catchy and awesome.  Apparently ALK3 just released some new fangled album dealie this past July, so i’m going to wager they’ll play a lot of songs from that one (that is how it goes, right?) My guess is i’ll know two songs (i may have been tipped off by someone who went to the show last night.)

I was reaaalllly into both of those bands at points in my life.  Rise Against, who is apparently the headliner, I was never as in to.  I did like them, just not at the same level.  Saw them at Warped Tour and as openers and stuff, enjoyed what I heard, but didn’t listen to as much as the others.  That said, I really liked the Unraveling and Revolutions per minute.  Siren Songs was good too, but that’s it as far as my rise against experience goes. There other albums appear to be much more popular, so they’ll probably play a lot off of those.  Hey, i’ll know the guitar hero one at least.  And they have a longer set, so I bet i’ll have heard three, if not four, songs! Wow!

Yeah, I didn’t talk much about the Gaslight Anthem cause i’ve only heard the one album, and I’ve only heard it like 4 or 5 times.  

So yeah, I’ll know like 10 songs at the absolute most. 10 out of like 50 or so. . .totally worth the price of admission, right?

One Response to “There Will Be No Discussion of The NFL Today”

  1. No discussion of the NFL cause your boys got their asses whupped and LOST THEIR FIRST GAME?! 🙂 I know, that was mean. And I’m sorry. Well, not really. I like the Giants and all, but I also get some sick amusement out of seeing perfection fall.

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