Insert “Joe The Plumber” Reference Here

So wow, the debates are over and done with.  Who’d have thunk that the most talked about person the day after the debate would not be Barack Obama or John McCain.  No, the person on the forefront of everyone’s thoughts today is “Joe The Plumber.”  Joe wants to buy a plumbing business he works at or something, and McCain says Obama says he can’t, but Obama was all like “no Joe, you can buy it…something, something, health care…”  (that was a direct quote) Either way, Joe the Plumber must have been brought up 20 times last night.  This dude’s phone must have blown up more than a guy who gets shown in the crowd during a football game.  

Now most of my plumber related experience comes from, well, this guy:

Now, Mario enjoyed a long run at being the most famous plumber in the world.  But all good things must come to an end, and Mario has decided to concede his top plumber honors to Joe “The Plumber” The Plumber. So Joe, I call on you to set the example that your new found political fame has brought you, and get out there and vo…oh wait.  Douche Bag


2 Responses to “Insert “Joe The Plumber” Reference Here”

  1. They could have used something a bit more interesting… like… Nina the Porn star. Just saying…

  2. wishmewell Says:

    that would have been great

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