I’m Out Of Ideas

So i’m going to tell you about a TV show i just watched that was on over five years ago that I totally missed the boat on in the hopes that a) someone else actually watches it or b) someone who watched it already will comment on how awesome it was and validate my existence.  Well, here it goes!


That’s right, I just watched the entire series run (14 episodes at 40 minutes a piece, someone who can do math tell me how many hours i spent over the last two weeks watching) of a show called Firefly.  I think I have an idea as to why I missed it when it was first on in 2002.  Cause i was a stupid high school kid who wouldn’t watch a show by the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Here’s the thing, its fucking awesome.  It’s set in space, but there’s like outter planets or something, And they don’t have much money, so its like its a western.  Just with fucking spaceships! (and whores!)  It was awesome. Like really cool.  Someone gets shot like every episode (they’re really good at dealing with bullet wounds in the future.)

You know what, i’m gonna take my bullet wound rant farther.  How come everyone on television and in movies can get shot and not cry like a little girl.  I mean, I understand the action heroes that get shot. But a lot of times characters that aren’t super badasses take a bullet and just “deal with it” until they can find a doctor or something.  If i every get shot I am going to cry and moan like i’m a 10 year old with a broken finger.  Seriously, I just don’t get it.

But I digress.  Anywhoo, if your into characters and story archs and drama and geniunely good television (pretentious chinese language lapses aside) check out firefly. If not, well, go watch dancing with the stars and leave me alone.


3 Responses to “I’m Out Of Ideas”

  1. This show rocks! Especially the, ahem, companion.

  2. wishmewell Says:

    there was also that one episode with the whores…true story

  3. One of my old flatmates was obsessed with this show but somehow I missed the boat on it.

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