I Wasn’t Going To Talk Politics

But Mrs. Sarah Palin has forced my hand in this matter, and I feel the need to point something out.

Guess what? I am pro-America in the most literal sense, in that I like this place.  I’m happy here, I’ve lived here my whole life.  Sure, there are problems, but overall I’d have to say that i was “pro-America.” in the sense that I, you know, like the place. Right?

Apparently not.  Big cities are not pro-America.  I’ve spent my whole life (save for my first two years, pre-cognitive thought) within the New York Metropolitan Area.  I grew up in suburban new jersey, then moved to suburban Connecticut for high-school. According to Palin I don’t live in real America, or pro-America.  Apparently I live in fake, anti-America?  Who knew.  I assumed that living pretty damn close to the financial capital of a capitalist country might make this place real America?  Oh, no, real America is a land of small towns, Wall-Marts and meth labs.

Everyone is entitled to their political beliefs, and that is fine.  But you can’t go making overaching statements that discount large populations of the country just because you don’t agree with their sociopolitical ideals is ignorant and offensive.

Sorry about actually mentioning politics, I’m tired and angry.  Well, at least the giants won.


One Response to “I Wasn’t Going To Talk Politics”

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