Angelina Jolie in “Give Me an Oscar”

I was able to catch a screening of Changeling last night.  It was not the highlight of my night (more on that later).  I mean, it was good and all.  Really good (if bleak) story, good characters, and good acting (Greg, Murray’s assistant from flight of the Conchords is in it too!) But Jolie was just over the top.  I mean, i think a good 20 minutes of that movie was a closeup of her face with her lips pouting and her eyes watering.  She cries like 30 different ways.  I mean, she showed incredible range in the sad emotion, but really, its just too much.  Plus, they total wax the Academy’s balls in one scene too.  But if your in the mood for a 2 and a half hour long depressing look at the LAPD circa 1929 give it a shot.

But yeah, seeing a free preview wasn’t the most exciting part of my day.  No, that came later.  I was oustide of a bar in midtown, and I guess I was blocking the entrance to the fancier bar next door.  As I’m standing there a gentleman taps me on the shoulder and kindly asks me to move from the gate so he can proceed inside said fancy place.  Happens all the time in the city, there’s not a lot of space, you stand were you can.  If someone is in your way you politely tap them and do the same.  Nothing out of the ordinary, till you factor in that the man was in fact, John Lithgow!

Yup, highlight of the night (actually, it was the highlight of a rather long stretch of time that I’d rather not publicize…things are looking up!)


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