We’re Into The Final Stretch

For everyone to finish up with their not-nearly-as-clever-as-they-thought Halloween costumes!  It is in our graces that Halloween falls on a Friday this year, so that means all us suckers in offices will be able to go out in full costume attempting to have sexual relations with members of the opposite sex (or same sex if you are so inclined) without having to worry about what the fuck we’re going to wear to work tomorrow. (cept for me, cause I work Saturday…fuck)

But it should be an interesting Halloween this year.  I’m pretty sure %90 of people will dress up as the joker from the Dark Knight or Sarah Palin, depending on their gender/willingness to cross dress.  Girls will dress up as sexy versions of things because it really is like that one scene in Mean Girls. It will be a good time all around.  With the aforementioned work on Saturday I need to play it safe (not because of my skill with the ladies, but because i crash on couches a lot).  So I think I am going to dress up as the verizon guy.  I had an idea to cut silhouttes out of cardboard and make the MST3K robots, but there were some problems.  One, only like %10 of people are nerdy enough to get that and I am really the only nerdy one of my friends.  Two, that costume would have made me like three feet wide, and I live in new york city…it would not have boded well.  So I think I am going to go as the Verizon Guy. Easy enough.  And I can totally go to work looking like that, so I’m set (plus i have almost that exact jacket sans verizon patch).

So yeah, that just about wraps up my most boring post in the entire life of this blog.  Luckily, I have a wild card in my back pocket to spice this thing up.

Its this thursday’s 30 Rock.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



3 Responses to “We’re Into The Final Stretch”

  1. I haven’t been able to get up enthusiasm for Hallowe’en for years now – not even as a possible way of pulling. Oh well . . . hope your costume is a success . . .

  2. I dont like Haloween, it sucks, mainstream crap

  3. […] that just plain aren’t into Halloween, and that is totally understandable.  Hell, the only two comments on yesterday’s post expressed dissinterest in Halloween, (as well as a dissinterest in […]

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